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your friendly neighbourhood baseball community!

ONTD Baseball
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Welcome to _pitching, your friendly neighbourhood baseball community!

- This is a place for people to get together and talk/spam about baseball. We're a welcoming (and tiny!) bunch of fans who are all friends in the end.

- That being said please keep in mind that dick like behaviour, general rudeness towards other members, any racist or homophobic comments, will not be tolerated and you will be banned. You will get a warning, either a comment or a direct message from a mod. If you fail to shape up then you'll get the boot.

- If you have an issue with another member please do not start shit by yourself, contact a mod. The mods will be prompt at taking care of any issues you may have.

- There will be off topic posts and comments, if you don't like it then you don't have to watch _pitching if you don't want your friends list being cluttered up.

- All posts are members only, you need to join to see entries.

- Please feel free to ask questions or talk to your mods amajorlove, lolcatielol and beaucadeau. We're here to make your time at _pitching as awesome as it can be.

Peculiar Pistachio and Official _Pitching Mascot Barry Zito thanks you for your time.

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